How to keep your child safe while swimming!

Swimming is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable summer activities. The refreshing feeling of jumping into the water on a warm day is unmatched. However, it’s important to remember that swimming involves some risks, and keeping a watchful eye on your child is critical to ensuring their safety.

Eliminating Distractions
When supervising your child while they swim, it’s crucial to eliminate any potential distractions that may draw your attention away from them. Activities like scrolling through social media, reading a book, or taking a nap are not an option. Putting your phone away and focusing solely on your child’s safety should be your top priority.

Stay Focused
Staying focused on your child requires a shift in mindset. You must be fully present and in parent mode, consistently monitoring the pool’s safety and your child’s activities. Viewing this as an opportunity to engage with your child and create memorable experiences together can help you maintain your focus and make the most of your time at the pool.

Take Turns
If you’re visiting the pool with other responsible adults, consider dividing your pool time into shifts. This strategy will allow everyone to take turns supervising the children, so no single adult is stuck with the responsibility the entire time. This way, everyone can relax and enjoy the pool while still ensuring the safety of the children.

Swimming with your child can be an excellent experience, but it’s essential to remember that safety always comes first. Regardless of whether or not there are lifeguards present, you are ultimately responsible for your child’s safety. By eliminating distractions, staying focused, and taking turns with other adults, you can create a fun and safe environment for your child to enjoy swimming.

Water safety is critical, especially when it comes to the ocean or open water. Check out SwimJim’s ocean and open water safety tips for essential guidelines before you dive in!

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How to keep your child safe while swimming!