Unlocking the Potential of Private Swim Lessons for Your Child!

Is your child eager to embark on a swimming journey, but you’re not sure if traditional group classes are the right path? Allow us to introduce you to the myriad benefits of private swim lessons, where personalised attention and tailored instruction take centre stage.

Here’s why private swim lessons might be the perfect choice for your child:

1️⃣ Shyness – Building Confidence: For the bashful swimmer, private lessons offer a gentle and nurturing introduction to the aquatic world. With our patient instructors, your child can gradually build confidence and develop a love for swimming before transitioning to group settings.

2️⃣ Fear of Water – Conquering Apprehension: High levels of fear in the water can be a significant hurdle. In private lessons, our instructors provide the focused support necessary to help your child overcome their fears step by step, fostering a lifelong sense of safety and enjoyment in the water.

3️⃣ Easily Distracted – Uninterrupted Learning: Group classes can sometimes be bustling and distracting, making it challenging for some children to concentrate fully on their lessons. Private sessions create an environment of uninterrupted learning, allowing your child to absorb skills and knowledge at their own pace.

4️⃣ Flexible Schedule – Convenience for Busy Families: We understand that your family’s schedule can be hectic. Private lessons offer flexibility, allowing you to tailor sessions to fit your busy lifestyle. No more struggling to match class timetables!

5️⃣ Competitive Swimming – Achieving Excellence: If your child aspires to excel in competitive swimming, private instruction is the key to unlocking their full potential. Our experienced instructors fine-tune strokes and techniques, giving young athletes the competitive edge they need to succeed.

6️⃣ Special Needs – Building Confidence and Safety: Children with special needs benefit immensely from tailored lessons. Our instructors create a safe and supportive environment, helping these children build water confidence and crucial life-saving skills.

7️⃣ Physical Disabilities – Unwavering Support: Some children with physical disabilities require constant support and attention. Private lessons ensure undivided instructor attention, empowering these children to embrace the water with confidence.

8️⃣ Behaviour or Learning Problems – Distraction-Free Learning: Private lessons offer a distraction-free zone, perfect for children who require extra attention due to behaviour or learning challenges. Our instructors work closely with your child to help them succeed.

9️⃣Younger Children – Early Development: Infants and young children thrive in private lessons, progressing at their own pace with the full attention of our instructors. Early exposure to swimming fosters motor skills, water confidence, and safety awareness.

Progressive Learning: We recommend starting with a package of 10 lessons. While each child is unique, real progress often begins around lesson 6. Our instructors are dedicated to nurturing your child’s growth and skills.

Our Approach: Our private lessons are one-on-one with experienced instructors, conducted in our state-of-the-art, heated indoor pool. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes, ensuring a focused and effective learning experience.

Give your child the gift of water confidence, vital swimming skills, and a love for swimming. Dive into our private swim lessons today!

Booking your swimming lessons is a breeze!

 Follow these simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Choose Your Lesson Package

Select the ideal membership option from the list below and add it to your shopping cart. If you’re new to swimming or unsure about committing, you can always begin with a single lesson. However, for the best results, we recommend our BRONZE 10-lesson package.

Step 2: Complete Your Paperwork Online

Click [HERE] to access our online registration form. Fill it out with your details. Don’t select any classes and don’t forget to mention your preferred days and times in the “Comments” section.

Step 3: Confirmation and Booking

Once we receive your registration, our experienced swim instructor will promptly reach out to you. Together, you’ll schedule your very first lesson, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your availability and preferences.

Embark on your swimming journey with confidence – we’re here to make it as seamless as possible!

Per Class

Ad hoc
R 250 R250 per class
  • 1 class
  • Determine frequency per week
  • One coach to one learner
  • Indoor heated pool (30-32 C°)
  • Valid for 10 days


R 1125 R225 per class
  • Save R125
  • 5 classes
  • Determine frequency per week
  • One coach to one learner
  • Indoor heated pool (30-32 C°)
  • Buy now and bank - start when you like. Valid for 21 days once started


R 2000 R200 per class
  • Receive R2700 in value
  • 10 classes
  • Determine frequency per week
  • One coach to one learner
  • Indoor Heated pool (30-32 C°)
  • Buy now and bank - start when you like. Valid for 45 days once started


R 3600 R180 per class
  • Receive R1400 in value
  • 20 classes
  • Determine frequency per week
  • One coach to one learner
  • Indoor heated pool (30-32 C°)
  • Buy now and bank - start when you like. Valid for 3 months once started


R 6400 R160 per class
  • Receive R3600 in value
  • 40 classes
  • Determine frequency per week
  • One coach to one learner
  • Indoor heated pool (30-32 C°)
  • Buy now and bank - start when you like. Valid for 6 months days once started

Membership Guidelines

  • One Membership per person.

  • Where more than one Membership is purchased at the same time and within a direct Family, you will receive a 10% discount off your entire order.  Kindly use the Coupon code FamilyDiscount10 at checkout.  Only valid for same family and more than one Membership in a single order.

  • Memberships are not transferrable although some classes are.  Please consult each membership table for those classes you can share with others.

  • Lock in prices now and start when you choose.

  • Membership starts from the day of the first class.

  • Party venue booking slots are available first-come-first-serve by dates.

  • The school is closed for public holidays. We have tried staying open for public holidays in the past, but as so many of our families are away the classes are poorly attended.

  • You will have opportunity to attend First Aid, Lifesaving etc. bonus classes as they run many times annually.

  • All benefits must be claimed during the valid period of the membership.