Easy2Swim’s coaches love kids, and water too! Our swim coaches really love their jobs, and it shows in the quality and care of the swim instruction taking place in our swim classes every day. We are proud of our swimming coaches, and know that parents will feel confident that their child is carefully instructed while in the pool. The biographies below are to introduce you to the wonderful swimming coaches at the Easy2Swim.  Please take a moment to get to know us!

Natha Marais

Learning something new can be a scary experience. One of the hardest things for some children to do is to learn to swim. Not only do they arrive at a completely new place with lots of splashing noises and kids having fun, but they also have to trust a stranger. My name is Natha Marais.  I am 22 years old and I hope that I will only be a stranger to your child for only a moment. My passion is to teach kids how to swim by making it a fun experience, and to make sure every child is safe around water. I believe that the ability to swim is one of life’s most essential skills.

I learnt to swim at the pretty late age of 7 years old. I started club swimming when I was 12 and I was part of the first swimming team during high school. While at Rhenish and Parel Vallei I held numerous records for backstroke, freestyle, and breaststroke. I have about 10 years of experience swimming competitively during primary and high school.  I hold a Western Province Gold Medal for IM (Individual Medley) and I am a qualified SA open water swimmer. I qualified for both Level 1 and 2 at a National level.

After high school, I missed swimming so much that I decided to become a lifeguard. Soon after becoming a lifeguard, I began teaching swimming and have continued to do so for the past several years.

I am an outgoing and friendly. As an instructor, I am nurturing and patient, but stern when needed. For example, if I have beginner students, I will ease their fears and encourage them to try new tasks and have fun while learning. For my more experienced swimmers, I will push them to improve their swimming abilities so that they can reach their goals. I teach technique before speed and endurance. Once these techniques are refined, I can concentrate on speed and endurance for those kids just wanting to be fit and for those kids wanting to perform well at school galas. I also make sure that my students can perform one task before moving on to the next so that they do not become overwhelmed. I always encourage parents to communicate with me about their child’s progress and/or goals.

Prior to me joining Easy2swim, I was a Learn-to-Swim Instructor at Pool Academy Aquatics in Durban.

As safety is especially important to me, I ensure that I renew my First aid – Level 1 every two years, as is prescribed.

I look forward meeting you in the pool.

Marietjie Malherbe

Ons kondig graag aan dat, Marietjie Malherbe, bekende swem instruktrise in Strand, haar by ons wenspan aangesluit het. Marietjie gaan haar bekwaamhede, swem kennis en ondervinding met al ons studente deel, noodhulp, en die korreksie van bestaande tegnieke is haar passie..

Sy het reeds vir baie jare in Goedehoop, Strand swem onderrig, asook verskeie musiek instrumente.  Sy sal voortgaan om daagliks verskeie musiek instrumente en sang in strand tuis te onderrig.

Ek is ‘n toegewyde swemafrigster, wat programme ontwikkel, om kinders, skoolgaande leerders en volwassenes toe te rus, hoe om veilig en reg te swem.   Ek is bekwaam om beginners, meer gevorderde leerders, asook water oefeninge aan te bied.

My naam is Marietjie Malherbe, ek is 65 jaar oud en ek glo in die voordele van fisiese gesondheid en fiksheid.  Ek het ‘n passie om met mense te werk.  Ek bied musiek- en swemklasse aan, en is ook gekwalifiseerd daarin.

Ek het 20+ jare ervaring in swem afrigting en 40+ in musiek onderrig by skole.  Ek fokus op korrekte asemhaling, tegnieke en die aanleer van ‘n goeie swem styl.

Aangesien die veiligheid van u kind vir my belangrik is, is my noodhulpsertifikaat op datum en vernuwe ek dit elke 2e jaar.

Sien uit daarna om ieder en elk in die water te ontmoet……!!