Ages 2 to 4 Years

The following groups are applicable only for ages 2 to 4 years old.  Below you will be able to assess your child’s current competency.
If you require guidance or assistance please reach out to us. 

If any of the following statements are true of your child, then a Starfish is the perfect class:-

This class emphasises the same skill set as the beginner Baby class, but at an older age. This means expectations are higher and drills are modified to be age-appropriate, continuing to use songs and games. The students are working on gaining breath control, floating, submersion, and back-floats. A great combination of fun and challenges, this class creates a base skill set to build on as our students move into the intermediate and upper levels.

Prerequisite: None other than being 2 or 3 or 4 years old
Final Goal: Swim 3-5 meters Doggy Paddle with no floatation, blow bubbles, perform a comfortable streamline pencil manoeuvre and back-float

Note: If your child is enrolled in this class they are please required to wear a permanent, re-usable swim diaper if they are not potty trained, or if there is any chance of an accident.

Turn your phone sideways to view ALL classes in this table. Note: 2nd Term 2024 - Monday classes are over 10 weeks. Tuesday to Saturday are over 11 weeks.

If your child can swim about 3-5 meters doggy paddle, with no floatation, then the Octopus is the perfect class.

To be placed into this class, students MUST be comfortable in the water, floating and swimming with their face in and using proper breath control techniques. This challenging class still involves age-appropriate daily themes. The focus of this level centres around breath control and the transitional skill of the rollover breath, which is used for the student to gain a breath on their own.

Prerequisite: Swim 3-5 meters Doggy Paddle with no floatation
Final Goal
: Swim 10 meters with no floatation, face in the water for a 10 count, comfortable rolling to a back-float and can swim basic Freestyle and Backstroke.

Note: There are currently no Octopus 2-4 Classes

Turn your phone sideways to view ALL classes in this table. Note: 2nd Term 2024 - Monday classes are over 10 weeks. Tuesday to Saturday are over 11 weeks.

Tuition Fees

The fees are for the full term, which is normally about 10 classes of 30 minutes once a week (or Pro Rata amount if you join part the way into the term)  and are normally paid in advance, and at least 7 days prior to the start of the your first class.

We have TWO ways of paying. EFT or card payment at the coffee shop. We prefer not to take CASH!
IMPORTANT – Non-payment of fees by the due date could result in you losing your space, as many of the popular times have waiting lists.

Family discounts

Do you have a big family? We would love to help. We offer a family discount as shown below.
When you “Register” for a class, these discounts are automatically included on your account.

Pro-rata fees if you join after the term has started

If your child misses a few swim lessons as the term has already started,  it will not have a significant impact on their overall progress and development.  Teaching children to swim is all about repetition. 

You are most welcome to join our classes at any time, even if the term has already started. Our professional instructors will always make you feel welcome. 

When you join after the term has started you will automatically be billed the pro-rata fees for the balance of the term.

Full classes and waiting lists

If a particular class that you are interested in is full then “Waitlist” will show on the course table. You can add your child to the wait list. Whenever a space becomes available we will immediately let you know. Spaces become available in two ways; the first due to cancellations and the second when we open new additional classes. Please use the “Waitlist” option so that we can gauge demand and open additional classes for you.

Class Absences & Make-up Classes

Our Make-Up Lesson Policy is the most flexible of any swim school that you will find out there. We help to make our lessons fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. For more information and  full instructions please click HERE!

Easy Enrollment for Your Child's Next Term

Are you tired of manually booking your child’s classes every term? Automatic bookings offer a hassle-free solution, providing numerous benefits for both parents and children.

  1. Convenience: Save time and reduce stress by eliminating the need for manual bookings each term. Automatic enrollment makes the process more convenient, especially for busy parents.
  2. Consistency: Ensure your child attends the same class at the same time every week. This routine fosters a sense of structure, aiding in skill development and faster progress.
  3. Familiarity: Building rapport and trust with a consistent swim instructor is vital for your child’s comfort and motivation. Automatic bookings allow them to attend the same class, promoting a positive learning environment.
  4. Avoiding the Hassle: Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for new classes every term. Automatic bookings alleviate the stress of finding a suitable class, letting parents relax and enjoy the continuity.

In a nutshell, automatic bookings provide convenience, consistency, and familiarity, offering peace of mind for both parents and children. It accelerates skill development, nurtures trust with instructors, and eliminates the stress of searching for new classes each term.

Additionally, we’ll email you the schedule for the upcoming term in advance. If you wish to discontinue the class, a simple email is all it takes. Your satisfaction is our priority.