Mom/Dad and Me Classes

This is a beautiful and much-needed programme for helping babies from 6 – 24 months to learn how to react in water, not be afraid and to begin adopting the positive lessons needed to have a fun and safe life with water.
Water acts as a great support and is one of the few play activities that Mom and baby can thoroughly enjoy.
Easy2Swim offers you comfortable classes to easily develop swimming skills.  These classes are 20 minutes in length. If lessons are longer than 15 minutes, your child will start to lose concentration and more importantly start getting cold, even in our very warm water. The extra 5 minutes covers getting in and out of the water. 

Great Benefits to Get Started

The goal of the Mom and Me program is to get your child safer in the water.  We will focus on getting your child comfortable going under, back floating, falling into the pool on their own and eventually rolling over onto their back to breathe.  Each level in the Mom and Me program will build upon these skillsets. Your instructor will tailor each activity to the comfort level of you and your child.

Why Mom/Dad and Me?

As important as it is to acclimatise your baby to water, this specialist programme particularly allows for a creative and powerful bonding experience between parent and child.  Although we casually call this the “Mom and Me” swim lesson, Dads are equally welcome and encouraged to share in this great bonding experience.

Remember this is your baby and you will be integral in making this a positive experience where you are part of the learning and bonding process. You are teaching them about water in the most positive way! We love watching this, as swim instructors, because it really bonds the baby to the parent as they progress. Memories are in the making and one of our best rewards is seeing a mother’s smile the first time her baby voluntarily kicks on his own or puts her face under the water and blows bubbles.

Parents might wonder if this playtime in the water is actually helping their baby to ultimately swim. Stay with the program for at least one term and you are likely to be surprised at how quickly your child picks up aquatic skills and advances towards proper swimming. You and your little one are about to embark on a wonderful journey of discovery that will last your child’s whole life.

Everything You May Need for Your First Mom & Me Swim Class

Jumping in the water with your baby every week does need some commitment, but seeing them splash around in the warm water with a huge smile makes it all worthwhile, so commit yourself and your child and be ready to put on your swimming costume every week What makes this commitment even easier is making sure you are prepared for child’s swim. Here are a few ideas.
Get there early
Plan on arriving at least 15 minutes early, especially if it’s your first visit. You will want some extra time to familiarise yourself with the surroundings, get your swimming costume on and introduce yourself to the teacher. It also helps your baby to adjust to the new sights and sounds of the swimming pool.
Re-useable Swim Nappy 
If you and your child are new to swimming it is a great idea to invest in one or two re-useable nappies. All babies under the age of 3 years, and any other swimmers that are not potty-trained, must wear a re-usable swim nappies.
Swim Bag
A nice swim bag is a must to pack all your swim gear into, so you don’t have to unpack and repack your bag every week. Keep a clean swim nappy, shampoo, a towel in the bag so you are always ready to go.
Swimsuit for Mum or Dad and Dry Clothes!
We have baby sorted out. Make sure you don’t forget about yourself and this could be a little tricky. It is a good idea to get a costume that is resistant to chlorine, gives you good coverage especially when little one starts to pull on whatever they can reach. The best advice I can give is for you and your baby to arrive at the pool ready to swim. Don’t forget some dry clothes for you and your baby (and fresh nappies) to change into.
Beach Towel
Pack two towels, one for yourself and one for your baby. One towel is generally not enough and don’t spoil your fun lesson with your child by having to dry yourself with a wet towel.
Other Items to Bring
Swim classes are definitely fun, but they can be tiring for both of you. Bring a drink and a snack for both of you afterwards. As the water can dry out your baby’s skin it’s a great idea to bring your favourite baby lotion. 

Tuition Fees

The fees are for the full term (or Pro Rata amount if you join part the way into the term)  and are normally paid in advance, and at least 7 days prior to the start of the your first class.
We have TWO ways of paying. EFT or card payment at the coffee shop. We prefer not to take CASH!
IMPORTANT – Non-payment of fees by the due date could result in you losing your space, as many of the popular times have waiting lists.

Turn your phone sideways to view ALL classes in this table.

Family discounts

Do you have a big family? We would love to help. We offer a family discount as shown below.
When you “Register” for a class, these discounts are automatically included on your account.

Pro-rata fees if you join after the term has started

If your child misses a few swim lessons as the term has already started,  it will not have a significant impact on their overall progress and development.  Teaching children to swim is all about repetition. You are most welcome to join our classes at any time, even if the term has already started. Our professional instructors will always make you feel welcome. 

When you join after the term has started you will automatically be billed the pro-rata fees for the balance of the term.

Full classes and waiting lists

If a particular class that you are interested in is full then “Waitlist” will show on the course table. You can add your child to the wait list. Whenever a space becomes available we will immediately let you know. Spaces become available in two ways; the first due to cancellations and the second when we open new additional classes. Please use the “Waitlist” option so that we can gauge demand and open additional classes for you.

Class Absences & Make-up Classes

Our Make-Up Lesson Policy is the most flexible of any swim school that you will find out there. We help to make our lessons fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. For more information and  full instructions please click HERE!

Automatic Bookings for Next Term

Offering automatic bookings of classes for the next term can be highly beneficial for parents and children. Here are some of the advantages for you:
By offering automatic bookings, parents don’t have to worry about manually booking their child’s class each term. This can save time and make the process more convenient, especially for busy parents.
With automatic bookings, parents can ensure that their child has the same class at the same day and time each week. This can be highly beneficial for children, as they can get used to the routine and structure of attending the same class each week. Consistency is essential in learning any skill, and attending the same class regularly can help children build on their skills and progress faster.
Children can become attached to their swim instructor, and attending the same class each week with the same instructor can help build a rapport and trust between them. It can be challenging for children to adjust to a new class and instructor every term, which can impact their motivation and progress.
Avoiding the hassle of finding a new class:
Finding a new class each term can be a hassle for parents, as they have to search for available classes that fit their schedule and their child’s needs. Offering automatic bookings can alleviate this stress and ensure that parents don’t have to keep searching for a new class each term.
In summary, offering automatic bookings for classes can provide convenience, consistency, familiarity, and peace of mind for parents and children. It can help children progress faster, build trust with their instructor, and avoid the hassle of finding a new class each term.

In summary, offering automatic bookings for classes can provide convenience, consistency, familiarity, and peace of mind for parents and children. It can help children progress faster, build trust with their instructor, and avoid the hassle of finding a new class each term.

We will email you next terms scedule before the start of the term. If you do not want to continue with the class, it is very simple, just email us back and let us know.

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