Our Pool Facilities

This state of the art facility was purpose built and is used for all of our classes.  The pool is in an indoor facility providing for year round practice safe from the weather and elements.

Ample parkingwhich can often be a frustration in suburban areas, is provided directly outside the pool area for easy and safe access.

The indoor pool is kept at a tropical 28-32 C° throughout the year and has suitable shallow standing areas perfect for our Baby, Learn to Swim, Stroke Correction and Water Aerobics classes.   Being kept warm during these sessions is critical.

For Fitness and stroke development classes the 20 metre long pool helps practice and develop stamina while getting used to performing longer distances.

We circulate the water in our pool every 2.5 hours. This is three times what is required by regional health departments. By adopting these extra measures, we are targeting the cleanest water for your children to swim in.

We utilize an Ozone Generator in the pool which provides the following benefits to all swimming pool users: