Class Absences and Make-Ups

Our Make-Up Lesson Policy is the most flexible of any swim school that you will find out there. We help to make our lessons fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.
However – Please note the following points.

Weekly swim lessons are critical to your children making progress in the pool. That said, we know that schedules may vary from time to time!

We understand!   Our job at Easy2Swim is to make swim lessons work with everything else going on in your busy life.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When you cannot make a lesson, please login to our parent portal on our website. Click here to go to the portal.
  2. Very important. Our system will ONLY allow you to mark your child as absent at least 1 FULL day before the lesson begins. For example: If your class is on a Saturday, you have until midnight Thursday to mark your child as absent. If you miss this deadline you will not be able to makeup your class.
  3. Very Important. By marking your child as absent you free up the space in your class to other swimmers looking for a make-up class.
  4. Once the absence has been added you are able to select a make-up class, either now or any time up to 2 months, after which your make-up class will expire.
  5. You are able to select a makeup class for any time up to 2 months into the future from the date of your original class.
  6. You are able to ONLY select a class with similar abilities and age to your current class. ie. Starfish–2-4 years to Starfish–2-4 years, Water Aerobics to Water Aerobics, etc.
  7. Make-up lessons are available on any classes that are published on the Easy2Swim schedule on our website. If you are not able to find a suitable class then unfortunately we will not be able to help you.
  8. More classes can become available the day before due to parents marking their children as absent, so it is worth checking back.
  9. If your child has a Saturday class and you are not able to attend classes during the week, you may have to select double classes for Saturday.

Many of our parents love our make-up classes. We hope that you will too.

If you need further guidance, see the short instructional video following: