Class Absences, Make-Up Lessons, and Our Approach

At Easy2Swim, we understand that life can sometimes throw unexpected circumstances and scheduling conflicts our way, resulting in missed lessons. In the past, our policy regarding missed lessons was rooted in the principle that once a lesson was missed, it was unfortunately lost. This approach was based on the fact that our dedicated teachers are compensated for their time, regardless of attendance.

To draw a parallel outside the realm of swimming, consider the scenario of missing a pre-booked appointment with a hair salon or personal trainer. In such cases, the norm is to uphold the commitment financially and forfeit the opportunity of that specific appointment.

Introducing Make-Up Lessons:

With our students’ best interests in mind, we’ve implemented a new system of Make-Up lessons. We recognise that unforeseen situations can arise, making attendance challenging at times. The introduction of Make-Up lessons is our response to the requests and needs of our students and their parents.

Make-Up lessons allow students to reschedule and compensate for missed classes. This change signifies a shift from the previous approach, offering greater flexibility and convenience. Our aim is to ensure that students still have the opportunity to benefit from the educational and developmental aspects of our swim lessons, even if a class was initially missed.

Enhancing Flexibility and Experience:

By embracing Make-Up lessons, we are enhancing the overall experience for our students. We believe that this approach aligns with our commitment to their progress and success in the water. Our priority is to provide an environment where learning is both effective and accommodating, irrespective of occasional absences. At Easy2Swim, we value each student’s journey and understand that circumstances can vary. Our Make-Up lessons option seeks to strike a balance between honoring our teachers’ dedication and ensuring that our students have access to a holistic swim education.

Thank you for entrusting us with your swim education. We’re excited about this change and remain committed to offering the best possible experience in and out of the water.

Important points to note:

Our Make-Up Lesson Policy is designed with your busy schedule in mind. We understand that life can be unpredictable, and we aim to provide you with the utmost flexibility. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

  1. Teacher Preparedness: Our swim teachers are fully equipped to guide your child through their regular swim lessons. They are committed to offering valuable instruction and guidance during these sessions.
  2. Teacher Compensation: Rest assured, our swim teachers are compensated for their time dedicated to your scheduled lesson, recognising the value of their effort.
  3. Previous Approach: Historically, missed lessons were considered forfeited due to the compensation provided to our swim teachers.
  4. Introducing Make-Up Lessons: We’ve introduced Make-Up lessons to enhance flexibility. These lessons can be scheduled within the current or following term, adding a layer of convenience.
  5. New Class Creation: To manage our resources effectively, creating a new class solely for a Make-Up lesson isn’t feasible without additional payment to the swim teacher.
  6. Scheduling Absences: You can schedule absences up to 6 hours before the class begins. This opens opportunities for other parents seeking Make-Up slots.
  7. Matched Class Levels: Make-Up lessons are designed to align with your child’s current class level. A Starfish 2-4 student, for example, can only attend a Make-Up lesson in a Starfish 2-4 class.
  8. Limited Availability: Please understand that if suitable classes or space aren’t available for your child’s level, scheduling a Make-Up class might not be possible.
  9. Make-Up Class Validity: Your Make-Up class remains valid for 2 months from the original class date. Keep in mind that availability for Make-Up lessons isn’t guaranteed. Regularly checking the online portal is advisable, as spots may open when parents mark their children as absent.
  10. Unsuitable Class: If you’re unable to find a fitting class for your Make-Up lesson, regrettably, the chance to reschedule the missed class will be forfeited.
  11. Use of Make-Up Lessons: Make-Up lessons can’t be utilised as credits for future lessons. They are designed to compensate for missed classes within the current or following term, and can only be scheduled into existing classes during that period.
  12. Continuous Enrolment Requirement: To ensure the validity of Make-Up lessons, continuous enrolment in classes is necessary. For example, if you don’t renew enrolment for the next term, your accumulated Make-Up lessons will be cancelled.

Explanation of our Make-up Lesson Process:

  1. Logging an Absence: When circumstances prevent your child from attending a lesson, we kindly request you to log in to our parent portal on our website. You can access the portal by clicking HERE.
  2. Timely Marking of Absence: It’s crucial to understand that our system requires you to mark your child as absent at least 6 Hours  before the scheduled lesson. To provide an example, if your class is on a Monday at 3:00pm, the deadline to mark your child as absent is Monday at 9:00am. Failing to meet this deadline will result in the inability to schedule an absence. If your child does not attend the class and the absence isn’t marked, the class will be considered lost.
  3. Creating Space for Others: Marking your child as absent not only helps manage your schedule but also opens up a spot in your class for other swimmers seeking a Make-Up lesson opportunity.
  4. Selecting a Make-Up Class: Once the absence has been registered, you have the flexibility to select a suitable Make-Up class. This can be done immediately or within the next 2 months from the date of your original class.
  5. Similar Abilities and Ages: Please note that Make-Up lessons can only be selected from classes that match your child’s current abilities and age group. For instance, if your child is in the Starfish–2-4 years class, the Make-Up class should also be Starfish–2-4 years. The same principle applies to Water Aerobics and other categories.
  6. Available Classes: Make-Up lessons are accessible in any classes listed on the Easy2Swim schedule available on our website. In cases where you cannot find a fitting class, regrettably, our ability to assist you may be limited. However, it’s advisable to check back for availability within 6 hours of the make-up class that you are looking at for availability as other parents may mark their children as absent, potentially freeing up slots.
  7. Saturday Class Consideration: If your child attends a Saturday class and you’re unable to attend weekday classes, please note that we regretfully cannot offer a suitable make-up class option in this scenario. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to explore other available options within the parameters of our Make-Up Lesson Policy.

Our Make-Up classes are highly valued by many of our clients, and we hope you’ll find them beneficial as well.

If you need further guidance, see the short instructional video following: