Swimming Assessments for Children

There are two areas where we think assessments are important.

The first is where your child can swim already and needs to be matched with a class.

“Any parent with a child aged three or above is welcome to our free swimming assessment, which is designed to assign your child to a swim class which reflects their ability instead of their age,” explained Tim, owner of Easy2Swim. “The value of our assessments is that your child will be enrolled into a class which ensures they learn alongside children of similar abilities. This is an extremely important part of building their confidence in the water,” he added.

The second area is where you, as a parent, are not sure if your child will fit in with the lessons and the pool environment. This option is available for any child irrespective of their age. It is very important that children understand that the life lesson of learning to swim is compulsory and not a choice (Read our BOG HERE).  However some parents would like to try out our facility and see how their child copes and reacts. Even though learning to swim is a serious business there is no reason that it cannot be fun as well. Our assessment class is 15 minutes  and allows you to make an informed decision based on your child’s reaction to the lesson and the input of our instructors.

Swimming Assessments for Adults

Did you miss out on learning to swim when you were a child and always wanted to learn or did you learn but always wanted to improve your abilities. We have enormous success with teaching adults to swim. Our swim assessments are perfect for you to meet our swim teachers and get a feel for our pool and facilities.

Read our BLOG HERE.

What Happens at an Assessment?
These initial assessments run for 15 minutes and are simply a way to gauge a swimmer’s ability and technique across a range of skills and strokes and to get you comfortable in our heated pool.

If you want to bring a friend with so that you can both join our assessment we will be happy to accommodate you both. 

How to book your Free Assessment