It has been shown that children learn and retain new skills more easily over short, intensive periods of time. Our short intensive swim courses really help children to build confidence and improve technique.

The courses are also fun and can be the ideal activity to do in the holidays. Weekly customers often book these extra classes to get maximum improvement in their kids swimming. This is also an ideal way to come and see if you like Easy2Swim’s way of teaching without committing to a term’s swimming lessons.

The main emphasis of our crash courses will be centred on those areas in most need of development, from water confidence and basic skills to advanced stroke technique and skill development.

The crash course is also perfect to get your kids ready for the school gala.

Our crash courses are suitable for children from the ages of 2 to 14 years old, from complete beginners through to confident and established swimmers who need to perfect their techniques.

Just like our regular weekly lessons, these courses have a maximum number of 4 children per class and course will consist of a half-hour lesson per class at the same time on 3 consecutive days.

Our next crash course will run from Tuesday 6 April to Thursday 8 April, 2021 . The  course will be  for THREE consecutive 30 minute lessons, except for the Fitness classes which are 45 minute classes.

The lesson times will be in the afternoon and will be confirmed once we finalise those interested.  Children of similar ability will be grouped together.

Terms & Conditions - Please read carefully

  • Classes will be allocated in the order of date and time registered.
  • Registering for a class does not guarantee you a space, ie insufficient children or insufficient classes.
  • If the class is full, please add yourself to the Waiting List, as we may open extra classes if the demand is there.
  • We will finalise and email you class times at least one week before the start of the class.
  • If the class time is not suitable to you please let us know and we will try to accommodate you at another time, however, we don't expect to have much flexibility here.
  • Payment of is due on receipt of the email confirmation of the class start times.
  • Classes not paid for in advance will be cancelled and allocated to those on the waiting list.
Next Holiday Crash Course - Three Days - Tuesday 6 April to Thursday 8 April, 2021.

How to Choose a Class?

If you are an existing client please check the email we sent you for the class type ie. Starfish - 2-4 Years, and register your child into the same class type as they are now above.

If you are not an existing client or you are not sure which class, please choose the appropriate skill level of your child below to get the class type and then the age group that fits your child. ie if your child is 4 and a half years old they could fit into either the 2-4 years or the 5-7 years class. Click on "Register" on the appropriate class.

Once we have established the demand we will come back to you with your time slot.


My child is very fearful of water.
My child has no skills in the water.
My child can go underwater briefly.
My child can move through the water only a meter or less, and/or always has floaties on.


My child can swim about 3-5 meters doggy paddle, with no floatation, blow bubbles, perform a comfortable streamline pencil manoeuvre and back-float.


My child can swim about a 10 meters with no floatation, can put his/her face in the water for a 10 count, can perform an independent streamline pencil manoeuvre and is comfortable rolling to a back float and can swim basic Freestyle & backstroke.


My child can swim at least 20 meters Freestyle and Backstroke using a side breath, and can swim basic Breaststroke and Butterfly.


My child can swim 100 meters Freestyle bilateral breathing with bent arm recovery and 100 meters of Backstroke and Breaststroke and 50 meters of Butterfly.


My child can swim 1 km Freestyle. Swim 200 meters Backstroke & 100 meters Butterfly and Breaststroke. Swim 200 meters Individual Medley. Mastery of Breaststroke including kick, arms and timing. Swim all four competitive strokes with proper starts, turns, technique and endurance.

Fitness Swimming - Junior & Senior Squads

These fitness classes are perfect for your child to keep their swimming fitness up, whether it be for competitive swimming, or just to keep fit. Swimming fitness also helps with running fitness which goes hand in hand with most other sports. Both of these classes will also prepare your child for school galas where necessary.

To swim in the Senior Fitness Class your child must be able to swim 1km freestyle (40 lengths of a 25 meter school pool), 100 meters Individual Medley (25 meters Butterfly, 25 meters Backstroke, 25 meters Breaststroke and 25 meters Freestyle. The child needs to be able to swim all 4 strokes. This is a 45 min fitness class. Our objective of this class leans more towards fitness than strokes, although strokes with be touched on where necessary.

To swim in the Junior Fitness Class your child should be able to swim 600-800 meters freestyle (24-32 lengths of a 25 meter school pool). Your child should be reasonable proficient in all the strokes. The objective of the class is fitness and strokes. This is also a 45 minute class.

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No spaces are guaranteed until you have registered online, received an email confirming that you have enrolled in a class and paid for the class in full. You can also enroll personally at our facility