A fun lesson, with a serious mission,  for babies and toddlers ages 6 months – 2 years. With songs and games, our professional baby instructors will work with you and your baby on basic swimming and water safety skills through our curriculum. For babies/toddlers ages 6 months to 2 years with their parent or other caregiver in the water.

With their parent at their side, babies will learn the basics of swimming including: breath control and gentle submersion, floating independently on the front and the back and unassisted swimming for short distances on the front and the back.

Great Reasons to Teach Babies to Swim:

  • Even young babies adapt to the water very naturally. Water provides wonderful support and buoyancy for babies who can’t yet sit or stand. Babies can learn to swim long before they can walk or even sit up!
  • While young babies cannot move around well on land, the weightless environment of the water is a great place for babies to exercise their young muscles! Swimming also improves cardiovascular fitness, a great lifelong benefit.
  • As our Baby Classes give babies the opportunity to learn new physical skills; they are developing their neural network, laying the foundation for cognitive development.
  • Our Baby Classes gives babies a great opportunity to exercise and increase their strength, which often results in the acquisition of other motor skills, such as standing and walking, earlier. Swimming provides the greatest form of bilateral exercise of any sport, which aids babies and toddlers in the development of coordination and balance.
  • The exercise babies get in our Baby Classes, as well as the relaxing warm water, stimulates a baby’s appetite and improve baby’s eating and sleeping patterns.
  • Our Baby Classes provide an uninterrupted, wonderful bonding time with your child. Swimming provides babies with lots of skin-to-skin contact with their parents which, psychologists say, strengthens the parent-child bond.
  • A positive, early experience in the water gives babies and toddlers a head start on the mastery of water safety skills. Our babies often transition quicker to more advanced classes, as they often have acquired some of the building blocks of swimming ~ breath control, floating, and kicking on top of the water ~ in our Baby Classes.
  • As babies learn to achieve goals and independence in the water, their self-confidence blossoms. Nothing speaks to our hearts more than the happy smiles of our babies and their parents in the water! Self-confidence and the setting and attaining of goals fosters a wonderful lifelong pattern of learning, a great way to give your baby a head start!

If your child is enrolled in this class they are required to wear a permanent, re-usable swim diaper. We have them available for sale at our facility for R200.

1st Term 2021 – Term starts Monday 12 April and ends Saturday 26 June, 2021.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee is R1320 a term for one half an hour class per week. We offer various discounts for additional children from the same family and additional discounts if you would like your child to attend more than one class a week (The more lessons, the quicker they learn). See the above table for all the prices and discounts available to you. Our swim term is normally 10 weeks (10 lessons), but due to COVERT-19 messing up the calendars a little, this term is 11 weeks.
If you join part the way through a term then you can take advantage of our pro-rata rates. This will be calculated automatically by our system and will show as a “Discount” on your email confirmation.
If a particular class that you are interested in is full then “Waitlist” will show on the course table. You can add your child to the wait list. Whenever a space becomes available we will immediately let you know. Spaces become available in two ways; the first due to cancellations and the second when we open new additional classes. Please use the “Waitlist” option so that we can gauge demand and open additional classes.
No spaces are guaranteed until you have registered online, received an email confirming that you have enrolled in a class and paid for the class in full (Please CHECK your JUNK folder if you don’t immediately receive the mail).
PAYMENT TERMS: All fees are due at least 7 days prior to the start of the first class.
IMPORTANT: Non-payment of fees by the due date could result in you losing your space, as many of the popular times have waiting lists.
If your child has a time slot this term, they will automatically be given the same slot for the next and subsequent terms. We will send you an email before the term starts to confirm your class. If you DO NOT want this class anymore please just email us back and let us know, and we will happily cancel your enrolment.