Three ways to reduce drag while swimming

Swimming is an excellent way to enhance physical fitness, thanks to the resistance provided by water. However, drag can hinder your performance and slow you down. To reduce drag, you need to focus on your posture and form in the water.

Horizontal Position
Maintaining a horizontal position in the water is essential for reducing drag. To achieve this, avoid lifting your head when you come up for air. Instead, turn it sideways, except when using breaststroke or butterfly stroke. By keeping your body balanced, you will reduce the disturbance of your horizontal position and minimize drag.

Swimming Tall
Stretching your body out can reduce the width of your body in the water, causing you to displace fewer water molecules as you swim. To do this, make your body as long as possible while swimming. Lengthen your arms during your strokes, which will help you swim tall in the water and reduce your drag.

Efficient Kick
Your kick is not just for propulsion; it can also affect your drag. Flutter kicks can cause your body to rise, disrupting your horizontal position and increasing drag. To avoid this, keep your kick compact and efficient. Your feet can break the water a little, but avoid kicking down below your body. By reducing drag, you can move your legs faster and swim faster too.

Drag can be beneficial to building strength, but it can also hinder your performance and increase your risk of injury. To swim faster and decrease your swim times, you need to reduce your drag by maintaining a horizontal position, swimming tall, and using an efficient kick.

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Three ways to reduce drag while swimming