The Less Obvious Benefits of Learning to Swim

Swimming is a life skill that we should all have. The most obvious benefit of swim lessons for children is helping them to acquire this life skill. The other is providing the child with a physical fitness advantage that makes them healthier than their peers who don’t enjoy physical activities on a regular basis. There are some other awesome benefits that are less obvious because they may not teach unique skills but reinforce ones that are being learned through normal childhood development. Learning to swim helps to reinforce:
  1. Discipline in practicing a skill and training to improve
  2. Watching an activity and mimicking it
  3. Focusing on the use of specific muscles and muscle groups
  4. Patiently waiting their turn
  5. Quietly listening to and following instructions
  6. Being part of a team while learning individual skills
  7. Making new friends
Children also will make new friends over the course of their swim lessons. The activities they will do during their lessons and their common experience of learning to swim will make it easy for them to quickly establish a rapport with the other children in their class. It is also been proven that children who have had swim lessons excel at a more rapid pace than other children in cognitive skills. The reinforcement of analytical and disciplinary skills noted above are drivers in this phenomenon. Swimming puts a child in situations that force them to experience new feelings like being underwater and holding their breath underwater, learning to keep water from coming in their nose and getting accustomed to the feeling of water in their ears. Children are, of course carefully guided and monitored as they experience these things, but they do something very valuable in preparing them for taking on new and different things in the future with confidence. Post Author: Admin

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The Less Obvious Benefits of Learning to Swim