The Benefits of Learning Different Strokes

Why is it a good thing to learn several different swimming strokes? You enjoy swimming but if you really thing about it – you have your favourite swimming strokes. And since you really like those strokes, is there really any advantage to learning the other ones? It may be that you swim the freestyle stroke or breaststroke really well. Why waste your time on the backstroke or even the more difficult butterfly, if there is really no benefit for doing so. If you’re into speed, it may be that you are a good breaststroker but know that the freestyle is a faster stroke so you want to learn it. First of all, learning new strokes requires patience. But your patience will be rewarded with: -A better workout because you use and develop more muscles. -A decreased risk of injury because you’re not using and reusing the same muscles and muscle groups. -More fun because swimming different strokes is more interesting to you. -Improving your skills for your favourite strokes because many strokes use similar skills. This is illustrated in the backstroke and freestyle which both use balance skills and the butterfly and breaststroke which both engage body undulation. Freestyle is not only a stroke that allows you to swim faster it also allows you to tire less while swimming. Breaststroke is the one to swim if you need to see better as you’re swimming or you need to get a better orientation of the direction you’re swimming in. Backstroke is also a great stroke to use when you’re tiring. You can flip over and enjoy some recovery. So knowing a variety of strokes – even though you have your favourite – can be great for you! And – learning at least the core strokes (freestyle, breast, back, and butterfly) is the only way that you’ll become a well-rounded swimmer. Of course, the best place to learn these strokes – and more – is at Easy2Swim where our passion and expertise for teaching swimming is obvious. Post Author: John Kirk

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The Benefits of Learning Different Strokes