Steps you can take to ensure your child's comfort when entering a heated pool

When you have little children who will be entering a heated pool, here are some steps you can take to minimise the effects of cooler water and ensure their comfort:

Check the Water Temperature
Before entering the pool, check the water temperature to make sure it is warm enough for children. The water temperature should be between 29-31°C for children, as their bodies are more sensitive to cold than adults. Easy2Swim’s water temperature is ALWAYS between 30-32°C

Keep your child wrapped up warm
It is important to keep your child wrapped up warm until the moment they need to go into the pool. This helps to prevent them from losing too much body heat before they even get into the water.

Use Thermal Swimwear or Wetsuits
Consider using thermal swimwear or wetsuits for your children, especially if the pool is outdoors or if the weather is cooler. These can help to retain body heat and provide an additional layer of insulation against cooler water.

Use Swim Caps
A swim cap can help to reduce heat loss from the head and neck, which are areas of the body where heat is commonly lost. The swim caps should be made of latex or rubber. The cloth type caps are not effective at keeping your child warm, but are excellent in hot weather when there is a risk of overheating.

Stay Active
Once your child is in the water, it’s important to keep them active and engaged to help generate body heat and take their mind off the cooler water temperature. One way to do this is to start with some energetic play to warm them up.
You can encourage your child to swim around, play games, or do exercises in the water. This will help to increase their heart rate and blood flow, which can help to generate body heat and keep them warm. You can also consider using pool toys or floats to add an extra element of fun and excitement to their playtime.

Have Towels and Robes Available
Have towels and robes available for your children to use immediately after getting out of the pool. Dry your children off thoroughly and wrap them in a warm towel or robe to prevent them from feeling cold.

Hot Chocolate
Have a thermos flask full of hot chocolate ready. Besides the reward for a great swimming lesson, the warm liquid can quickly warm up the body because it increases core body temperature which increases blood flow and circulation, which can help to warm up your child’s body from the inside out.

Order your HOT Chocolate from our friendly Easy2Swim coffee shop staff, and have it ready for your child as they finish their lesson.

In conclusion
Parents should take necessary steps to ensure their children’s comfort when entering a heated swimming pool. Checking the water temperature, keeping children warm before entering, using thermal swimwear, swim caps, and staying active in the water are essential for children’s comfort. Additionally, parents should have towels and robes available after swimming and provide hot chocolate to warm up the body from the inside out. By following these steps, parents can minimise the effects of cooler water on children and make swimming lessons an enjoyable experience for them.

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Steps you can take to ensure your child’s comfort when entering a heated pool