Should your child wear goggles?

If you’ve spent time around pools, you’ve likely seen children wearing goggles as they swim. As a parent introducing your child to swimming, you may be curious about whether it’s important for them to wear goggles. Both sides of the argument have their merits.

Protecting the Eyes
Using goggles is primarily beneficial because they protect the eyes from contaminants and chemicals that may be present in the water. This can significantly reduce eye irritation and prevent infections such as pink eye. With goggles, your child can avoid redness, itchiness, and tearing caused by exposure to chlorine and other chemicals.

Easier Learning
Goggles can also make learning to swim easier, especially during swim lessons. The clear underwater vision that they provide can make submerging less daunting. It can be distracting and uncomfortable to keep one’s eyes open underwater, but goggles provide a more comfortable swimming experience by keeping water out of the eyes.

Swimming without Goggles
Despite the advantages, there are also valid reasons to swim without goggles, at least occasionally. Swimming without goggles helps children overcome the discomfort of opening their eyes underwater, which is necessary for safe and confident swimming. Although underwater vision without goggles isn’t as clear, it’s still possible to see well enough underwater. Keeping the eyes closed underwater is not a safe way to swim, and learning to swim without goggles will help children swim more safely.

If your child will be swimming frequently, it’s a good idea to have a pair of goggles available for them. However, it’s essential to remind them to swim without goggles occasionally, to avoid becoming overly dependent on them. By having some experience swimming without goggles, your child will be better prepared to handle unexpected situations when swimming.

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Should your child wear goggles?