Adult Silver Swimming Membership

Original price was: R5,000.00.Current price is: R3,800.00.



Equates to less than R190 per session.  Save R1400!  Receive over R4400 in value and bonuses.

Our Adult Silver Swimming Memberships are for those adult swimmers who wish to learn to swim, master their strokes and styles by attending up to 20 classes, setting your own frequency of classes ensuring you build and maintain fitness.  This will provide a platform to participate in various water sports and even compete in galas and events as your development proceeds.

Special Bonuses:

  1. Receive access to 1 FREE “Water Aerobics” Classes.
  2. Exclusive access to our Private Membership Portal with interesting tips and training.
  3. Enrol a subsequent direct-family member and receive a 10% discount off the combined order. (Use the coupon code “FamilyDiscount10″ at checkout.)
Adult Silver Swimming Membership

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