How to help your child feel confident for their first swimming lesson

Congratulations on signing up your child for swim lessons!
Swim lessons are a fantastic way to teach children how to swim and develop water safety skills, reducing their risk of drowning.
Starting something new can be intimidating, but there are ways to help your child feel more comfortable and confident from the start.

Help Your Child Acclimate to Water
Since humans are land-based creatures, it may take some time for your child to get comfortable being in the water. Helping them acclimate to the water beforehand can ease their anxiety on their first day of swim lessons. Encourage your child to kick and splash during bath time and sprinkle drops of water on their face to get them used to feeling water on their face. However, never force them to put their face in the water.

Take Your Child to the Pool before Lessons Begin
Taking your child to the pool before their first day of lessons can help them become more familiar with a larger body of water and see other children having fun in the water. Sharing your excitement with them will also make swimming seem more fun than scary.

Talk to Your Child About Swim Lessons
Discuss swim lessons with your child before the first lesson to prepare them. Explain what they can expect to learn and the benefits of learning to swim. Answer their questions and consider letting them choose their own swimsuit to help them feel more involved in the experience.

Starting swim lessons can make any child feel apprehensive, but you can help reduce their anxiety by taking steps to prepare them for their first day. With time, your child will likely love swimming so much they won’t want to leave the pool when it’s time to go home.

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How to help your child feel confident for their first swimming lesson