Bonding with Your Baby Through Swim Lessons

It is amazing to see how life changes after the birth of a child. Juggling work, carpools, dinners and extracurricular activities can make you question why there aren’t more hours in the day. Parents often forget to slow down and remember the magic that happens when you bond with a child. In fact, spending time just talking, touching and smiling with a young one can significantly and positively affect their development. So why not look for a fun, new way to connect with your baby? Our swimming lessons starting at six months. This magical time in a child’s life is when their curiosity is peaking and their senses are in overdrive. You are their hero and most trusted soul. As their primary caregiver(s), you have a unique opportunity to bond with your baby in water as you teach them safety and water familiarity while having fun splashing around. Our infant swimming lessons are a creative and exciting way to add to your child’s development. Familiarizing them with water and teaching water safety can never be taught too early. Through songs, games and lots of parent interaction, infant swimming lessons are an essential tool for establishing a strong swimming foundation. These basic skills will further your child’s knowledge base needed for advanced swimming. Many, if not all, of the skills learned will be built upon in later lessons. Children will be introduced to water orientation, floating, breathing, gentle underwater submersion, back floating and kicking. There are no more than six babies per instructor and parents are allowed in the water with their child at all times. In fact, parent/baby interaction is essential to successful skill development. When caring for a new baby, nothing replaces the bond that comes from skin-to-skin contact. And nowhere else can that contact be better achieved than in water. A familiar environment to infants, water provides buoyancy and comfort that is perfect for interacting with children. In addition to bonding through touch, infant swimming lessons are a perfect way to begin teaching water safety. Drowning prevention can never start too early and infant swimming lessons promote safety in and around the water. Bath time can mimic the pool and will be a safer environment for your child. Further, knowing how to swim is the one life skill that can be taught and can save your child and other children’s lives. Just as with any motor skill or milestone, swimming skills are developed at all speeds and levels. Swimming isn’t natural to everyone, so starting early will give your child an advantage in water familiarization. Additionally, the ability to have uninterrupted time with your new baby is priceless. Laughter replaces cell phones, while happy, smiling babies are much more enjoyable than traffic and chores. Bonding with your baby in a safe, productive manner rewards not just baby but mom and dad as well.

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Bonding with Your Baby Through Swim Lessons