“What types of classes do you offer?”

– Baby Swim Classes

– Learn to Swim Classes

– Stroke Correction

– Holiday Crash Courses

– Adult Group Fitness

– Water Aerobics

“How do I register for classes?”

  1. Register on-line. Choose your child’s age and then their swim level abilities. If you are unsure of what level to sign up for, one of our coaches will be happy to help with the placement of your child.
  2. Decide how many classes you would like to take per week. The cost per term is based on your child taking one class per week. Your child will receive a multiple child discount if you choose to take 2+ classes per week.
  3. Call or stop by at our facility and we will register your child for lessons. Because our schedule is very full, we cannot reserve a spot without payment. For your benefit and for scheduling purposes we cannot allow clients to hold spots and then drop out at the last minute. We determine our staffing needs and class schedule based on enrolment.

“How long is the class term?”

Our class terms follow the normal school terms.

You may enrol at any time that we have a class that is appropriate for your child’s age and skill level. You will be enrolled in that class until you wish to change times, your child is moved up to another level, or you choose to take a break from lessons.

At Easy2Swim we don’t believe that students learn according to the calendar and thus they are able to stay with an individual teacher until they have completed the specific goals for that class.

“Why are the swim classes 30 minutes?”

Based on our experience, 30 minutes is the right amount of time to keep your child interested, focused, and happy in the pool.

“How much do classes cost?”

Please go into Age Groups and Classes, select your child’s age and swimming ability and you will get a list of available classes with costs.  “How many classes a week should I sign up for?”

The minimum is obviously one class a week. Two classes a week is the ideal for your child’s optimum progress.

“How do I know what level to sign my child up for?”

First pick your child’s age on our website. Each age group will have a list of swimming abilities. You find the one that best fits what your child is able to do. Your child will be evaluated at their first few lessons and may be moved to a more appropriate class. If you have questions, just ask us – we will be glad to help you assess which level your child is at.

Additionally, if your child has taken swimming lessons somewhere else, let us know what levels they have achieved.

“What is your policy on refunds/cancellations?”

Once you have booked the lessons there are no refunds, except up to one week prior to the term start date. Because we have guaranteed that spot for you, if you cancel after that date or during your session, you will forfeit your tuition.

We guarantee that lessons booked will be available as scheduled. If not, the lessons will be rescheduled at no additional cost.

“How do we pay for lessons?”

Once you have completed the registration process and booked your child into a class, you will be emailed an account. Your payment options are:

  1. Cash at the venue.
  2. Payment by Bank Transfer
  3. Payment by Credit/debit card
  4. Using Snapscan. Download Snapscan to your Smart Phone from your phone’s app store.

Please note that your child will not be allowed to begin lessons until your account is paid.

“Why we don’t offer make up lessons?”

We believe that children are most successful in a consistent learning environment. Because of that, we encourage you to attend your regularly scheduled swim class as often as possible. We hope your child will be able to attend all of their lessons. We realize sometimes this is not always possible. However, in order to provide the best swim experience possible for all students, we do not allow students to make up lessons by moving in and out of classes.

The consistency between the instructor and between the students allows all students to receive an excellent lesson and improves the outcome for swimming success. Therefore, if your child misses a class, we are unable to provide a make-up class for them.

We are unable to provide make-up classes for circumstances beyond our control – this includes closings due to public holidays, inclement weather and closings for “incidents” in the pool.

“What happens if one of our lessons falls on a public holiday?”

We are closed on public holidays.

“What will my child need for classes?”

All children under the age of 3, even if they are potty-trained, and any older children that are not potty-trained are REQUIRED to wear a fitted, reusable swim diaper while swimming. If you do not already have them, we have them available for purchase in our shop.

Plastic training pants and regular diapers are NOT allowed. Disposable swim diapers (such as “Lil’ Swimmers”) are not allowed in the pool. The cotton inside these diapers leaks out and clogs our pool filters.

Children ages 3 and older, who are potty-trained, need only bring a swimsuit and a towel. Goggles are good fun and necessary once children start to swim laps, PROVIDED they fit well and don’t leak. We encourage parents to get quality goggles. In the early stages children should learn without goggles, just so they don’t panic when water gets in their eyes.

Wearing a swim cap is preferred as it is not only hygienic but also stops water running into your child’s eyes and mouth when their face is lifted out of the water. This makes concentrating easier which in turn helps your child’s progress. 80% of body heat is lost through the head, therefore wearing a cap reduces heat loss. Swim caps also help maintain water quality.

“What if I have concerns about the way the lessons are going?”

We understand that you’re extremely interested in your child’s success with swimming lessons. We are too! Should you ever have concerns, please address those concerns with us immediately. We can help! In general, this can help, too:

FIRST: Give us 2 lessons to fall into a routine and get the group used to working together. During this time, we will evaluate each swimmer making sure that they are in the correct placement. Sometimes we will need to move a student. Most times we will be able to accommodate the needs of each swimmer even though they may be in slightly different levels.

SECOND: Communicate directly with your swimmer’s instructor. Address them as you would want to be addressed. The Sandwich Theory: Say something positive. Voice the concern. Say something positive.

THIRD: If you are not satisfied with the results, speak with the lesson supervisor or use our Contact Page to send us a note. They may be able to offer support that will help your swimmer.

“Do I need to change classes if my child moves to the next level?”

Our system is unique because our teachers are able to adapt their teaching methods for each child in the class. We believe that keeping the same instructor and same kids in the class help children better adjust. Changing classes may make it difficult for families with multiple children. Your child’s instructor will make sure your child works on the skills to progress through the next level.

“What if my class only has one or two children enrolled?”

Although we never want to cancel any classes, we reserve the right to consolidate classes with 1 or 2 participants. We will do our best to work you into another class so your child can stay swimming.

“How early do I need to arrive for lessons?”

We strive to start and end each lesson on time. For your child to receive their full instruction time, and to minimize the distraction to other students, please arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled lesson. Please encourage children to use the bathroom before the lesson to minimize interruptions in their instruction time.

“How do I change my day or time?”

We know how busy schedules can get and we are happy to change your child’s day and time when another class is available. Please email us at If you see a space available on our website, you can register for that class and send an e-mail that your child needs to be dropped from the other class.

“Do I need to book lessons or can I just turn up?”

You will need to book a place before you can join. Use our on-line registration process to do this?

“Do you offer trial lessons?”

We do not offer trial lessons, instead we suggest you come in for a visit and watch a class. We believe trial lessons are not fair to your child. Sometimes, it may take a few lessons before a child can adjust to a new environment. Part of our philosophy is to love them first, and we work hard to build the bond of trust between your child and the instructor.

“What will my child learn in a session?”

Progression varies according to several factors. Within a session of eight to twelve swim classes most children will learn to float comfortably with their eyes open. Some students will progress more rapidly depending on each individual. It is best to keep in mind that, like any athletic pursuit, swim lessons are a commitment if you want the skill to be truly engrained.

Our goal is to help children and adults progress each and every lesson and make the most of their time in the pool with us. We want our students to leave our program with superb skills and a love of water.

“When do I pay for lessons?”

Lessons must be paid for in advance to guarantee your place. Your child will not be allowed to start lessons at the beginning of a term if your account is not up to date.

“How do I pay for lessons and/or merchandise?”

Due to our wonderful registration system, we are able to keep a secured credit card on file. You can pay for lessons on your credit card or by check or cash within 5 days of registration. Merchandise is sold at each of our locations. You can pay for merchandise with cash, check, or the credit card we have on file. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

“What if I arrive late for my lesson?”

If you arrive late for your lesson, the teacher will teach your child for the remainder of the session. If they are able to give your child a slightly longer lesson they will do so.

“What if I join in the middle of the term?”

You will pay the pro-rated amount for the term in which you are starting swim lessons.

“If I want to pull out of lessons, can you guarantee that my day, time and teacher will still be available when I return?”

When you choose to pull out of lessons that space is now available to other students to book into. We will do our best to work with your schedule and your request for specific teachers, but we cannot guarantee that there will be a spot for you when you return.

If you are extremely inflexible with your day, time and teacher choice then we suggest you stay in lessons even if you are going to miss a few classes. Throughout the year, the few lessons that you might miss will not hinder your child learning to swim as much as pulling out of all lessons would.

“How do you handle bookings for the next and subsequent terms?”

If you are booked into a class during the current term, you will be guaranteed a booking in the next and subsequent terms. We will email you a confirmation of your booking before each term starts. You will be given a reasonable amount of time to pay your account and confirm this booking. Once your payment deadline is reached, your spot will be allocated to other children on the waiting list.