Zumba Dance Classes

The latest craze to combine fitness with dancing ensuring you never "workout" again.

What is Zumba Dance?

Fusing Latin dance moves with toning movements creates the all-over body workout called Zumba.

It’s a perfect exercise for people starting their journey, older adults and those looking to build fitness and confidence.  How much you put into your class is always up to you but it’s a great way to exercise without feeling like you are working out.

As your fitness routine transforms into a fun time fiesta you will also be building critical cardio fitness.  

A Good Weight Loss Strategy?

Once you have built up some basic fitness, combine a healthy diet and a more vigorous session in your Zumba class to burn away the kilos, up to as much as 550 calories per class.  Frequent lessons will also tone muscles and sculpt your body.


Suitable for Beginners?

Zumba is suitable for all levels.  You will always do the class at your own pace and will focus on learning some fun new Zumba dance steps in the first few sessions.  Once mastered you will come away with a buzz from all the fun and exercise and will naturally increase your efforts resulting in greater results.

What Are the Benefits of Zumba?

  1. Helps you tone muscles and create definition

  2. Burns around 550 calories per hour

  3. Improve balance and flexibility

  4. Suitable for beginners

  5. Great cardio workout

  6. Muscle conditioning

  7. A total workout

  8. Boosts energy

  9. Make friends in a social atmosphere

  10. Zumba classes are fun and affordable

Meet Your Instructor

Hey everyone!!

I am Nathan Gideons, a 35-year-old professional dancer and dance instructor with a lot of Latin America flavour.

My dancing career started in 2008 and I’ve done 5 years of social ballroom and Latin as an instructor and competed professionally.

I then taught salsa professionally and made appearances in various music videos.

My Zumba career started shortly after a year of teaching salsa and I have been teaching Zumba ever since.

I am loads of fun, entertaining, energetic and love to bring the flavours out of all genres of dance. I love making others feel good through my classes and leave them with wanting more.

Zumba is all about having fun while losing a lot of calories and not even feeling that you’ve done a work-out. You will feel that you are in dance party!! Even if you’re a complete beginner or professional dancer everyone will have the same fun.

I am excited to be part of this team and I hope you all enjoy my fun party-vibe classes.

If you have any questions you are welcome to call me on 061 217 7277

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Zumba Schedule

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Bookings and Payments

Our minimum commitment for ZUMBA is ONE calendar month.  We are not able to manage a class by class process as there is too much admin involved. Please note the following:

  1. Saturday classes are every week at 9:00am. Monday classes are every 2nd week at 7:00pm.
  2. Your first class is FREE, so come and try out the ZUMBA.
  3. Fees will be calculated on the number of Mondays or  Saturdays in that particular month. So some months the fees will be R280 for 4 x Saturdays and some months R350 for 5 x Saturdays. For the Mondays it will mostly be R140 a month for 2 classes.
  4. If you join part the way through the month you will automatically be billed the pro rata rate for the remaining Saturdays in that month. Payment is required before starting the first class.
  5. A statement for that month will be sent to you for payment. Payment for the month is required in advance to confirm your place.
  6. We do have a make-up policy for lessons that you miss for whatever reason. These make-up lessons are valid for TWO months from the date of absence so if you are unable to attend a class please feel free to mark yourself as absent. Go to THIS page for our terms & conditions and information on how to do this.
  7. You are free to stop and start at any time, as long as you follow the calendar month minimum. No notice is required. All we ask is that you please let us know. If the monthly fees are not paid before the start of the first class of the month, your classes will be cancelled for the month and allocated to someone on the waiting list.
  8. If we have space you are welcome to join in again at any time, by just registering for the class again. If you start part the way into the month you will automatically be billed the pro rata rate for the balance of the month.
  9. Payment of the Zumba fees can be paid by EFT or you can swipe your card at the coffee shop.

Dress code:

Comfortable gymwear.

What to bring:

Bring water, towel, comfortable shoes and LOTS of ENERGY!!! After class relax and enjoy a cupachino at the Easy2Swim coffee shop.


Payment of the Zumba fees can be paid by EFT  or you can swipe your card at the coffee shop.

Please “Register”

Please register on the link above for the Zumba class. Part of this process is to agree to the Easy2Swim terms and conditions of entry to our premises. Without this you will not be able to participate.